The Tulip bicycle tour was exceptional.
Our tour was well managed and took us out to the tulip bulb growing fields I highly recommend this tour. This tour is a good add on to your Keukenhof garden tour. You will see where the bulbs are grown and get many great photo opportunities. The Tulip Bicycle Tour exceeded our expectations.
14 May 2022 / Larry Jackson

Overall, it was a great ride and the countryside scenery was beautiful.
The only disclosure I might add for people who are touring at the end of tulip season is letting them know that many of the tulips will have been cut by then.
13 May 2022 / Hannah Hoeger

Outstanding bike tour.
Highly recommended and would love to come back and bring my family. Great tour guides, perfect amount of time and stops. This was the perfect thing to do in conjunction with visiting Koekenhof!
12 May 2022 / Craig Bushman

Excelente recorrido, guias muy atentos y cuidadosos. contenido interesante
10 May 2022 / Gimena Castro Perez

Very fun with so much to see.
Easy ride with lots of stops around town and tulip farms and fields. We took amazing pictures.
10 May 2022 / Cathalenia Bell

This was such a lovely way to see the country side!
I really enjoyed my tour guide and her personal knowledge of tulip season. This is a tour I’d recommend to anyone I know going to the Netherlands for tulip season.
9 May 2022 / ES Sprunt

An excellent tour, thank you!
5 May 2022 / MC Grow

Excellent bicycle tour.
Our guides were kind and gracious and kept us safe. The countryside and tulip fields were breathtaking. Would highly recommend.
5 May 2022 / Claire Walls

Amazing afternoon on the tulip bicycle tour!
It was great to be guided to the best flower fields and also learn about the tulips and the local area. The guides were very friendly and knowledgeable. It felt a safe and relaxing way to see the tulips and lovely to do something a bit different from other trips. I would highly recommend.
5 May 2022 / Ellen Bodger

Two excellent and informative guides.
It is easy in terms of physical activity so don’t be put off if you don’t usually cycle.
4 May 2022 / Sarah Wilkinson

This bicycle tour was better than I had expected!
We did and saw so much all while at a nice pace. Would highly recommend and do again!
3 May 2022 / Sarah Dellinger

We had a great time on the tour.
The area was so beautiful and it was a lot of fun to ride bicycles near the tulips fields. The employees were really kinda and had a great sense of humour.
3 May 2022 / Leanne Shepel

It was truly the highlight of our trip!
The information about tulips and the other flowers and how they are grown was interesting. Thank you so much!
2 May 2022 / Tracey Willey

Excellent tour.
Our guides were great. I will recommend it to all my friends
1 May 2022 / Robert Blotter

Everyone running the tour were very nice and helpful.
They worked hard to keep us organized and safe. We had many stops along the way and saw many nice fields and farms. I would have liked to ride a little faster but recognize there were many different levels of rider. Would recommend this as a fun and healthy way to experience Holland’s amazing tulips!
1 May 2022 / Jan Przezdziecki

Absolutely loved this tour.
Great quality bikes, lovely guides, fantastic route that was broken down with various photo stops and a snack break at a lovely little venue. A perfect morning. Would highly recommend.
28 April 2022 / Loraine Wright

We were very happy with this tour.
We enjoyed stopping at a number of fields to take pictures and learn more about growing tulips.\r\n\r\nOne suggestion I would have is to go over the rules of biking for those not familiar with biking in the Netherlands, specifically that cars have the right of way in traffic circles.
26 April 2022 / Jon Fujii

The guided tour gave us everything we wanted!
We did not have to figure it out on our own or follow a map and navigate streets and crossings during this busy season. Our guides knew the fields that were blooming and accessible and saved us so much time and avoided our typical DIY frustration. Instruction and information very clear and informative.
25 April 2022 / Christine Winter

This tour was fun and informative.
Guides were friendly and very knowledgeable. This was one of the best days we spent in Amsterdam!
24 April 2022 / Barbara Snyder

Tour was super cool!
For me the route could be longer and the tour could last more. I know there are a lot of different people taking part in it, so maybe offer two different types of bike tour: one easy for family or beginners, one longer for advanced bikers. So with the longer tour you can take a look at more flowering fileds, since not all of them bloom at the same time. I really liked the stops in the city centre, at DeTulperij and at the Castle, but maybe the guides could spend a little bit more time to tell the story of the city and the places visited. Anyway super glad to have taken part to the tour and the employees were super kind and passionate! Good job, keep it up!
22 April 2022 / Marcello Maragno

I love the bicycle tour!
The tour stop at different flower fields and allowed enough time for pictures. The employees were awesome!! I didn’t know you had to be good cyclist for the tour therefore I would be the last on out of the group. They were so kind to motivate me and also wait for me. You absolutely have to take this tour it’s a lot of fun and the employees will help you anyway possible for you to finish the tour.
21 April 2022 / Tania Bautista

The tour and guides were so helpful and kind
Our bike ride was truly the highlight of our trip to Holland! Loved seeing all the different flower fields and also touring through downtown Lisse.
20 April 2022 / Ashley Starrett

Our group had a great time on the trip!
We were enjoyed an easy ride and great photo opportunities. The guides were friendly and informative. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to explore more of the area and town around keukenhof and enjoy a beautiful bicycle ride.
20 April 2022 / Kelly Small

The Tulip bicycle tour was more than we expected.
We had so much fun and the instructors were so nice. I was a little afraid to ride through the traffic but they made it easy and kept us safe. It was magical bicycling through those amazing fields. We loved it very much. I will definitely do it again.
20 April 2022 / Maria Cristina Padron

The tour was fantastic and we had perfect weather!
It was a wonderful mix of history and cycling through different parts of the area and the tulip fields and farm were the ultimate highlights. Our guides were great! Would highly recommend in addition to your visit to the Keukenhof Gardens!
19 April 2022 / Shannon Phares

Great tour.
The guides were excellent they really looked after us! Thank you for the excellent service!
18 April 2022 / Hitesh Pajgor

Loved the tour, was really relaxing, fun and informative! Loved cycling through the beautiful tulip fields that were filled with beautiful views! Would totally recommend this tour! Only regret? Wish this tour was for longer! Thank you for organizing this!
18 April 2022 / Rohan Mehra

We had a wonderful time biking through the tulip fields with the Tulip Bicycle Tour crew.
The owner and his daughter were lovely, as was our tour guide. We would highly recommend this experience to anybody who visits the area as we believe this is the best way to see the tulips!
17 April 2022 / Elena Koskinas

I really enjoyed the tour!
John took us through the town of Lisse, local church, many sifferent flower fields and also the 17th century built Keukenhof (in translation ‘kitchen court’) mansion. As a bonus there was a stop at the De Tulperij shop/cafe for a half an hour to eat, drink and shop wonderful postcards or other souvenirs. I got myself 5 different tulips bulbs ordered and they will be delivered in October- how convenient! As a note, be very careful with the road crossings and have patience:)
17 April 2022 / Marta Korts-Laur

Thanks so much for such a lovely bike tour.
Kind, knowledgeable, and efficient guides!You’ll enjoy your time and see a lot on this tour.
16 April 2022 / Randall Randt

A very pleasant morning
And an ideal chance to see tulips, daffodils and hyacinths in less formal surroundings and with fewer people than at Keukenhof itself. Well equipped, good hosts. Happy to recommend. Thanks.
14 April 2022 / Colin Mumford

The tour was well organized, started promptly and the bikes were in excellent condition.
While we went 15 kms, there were frequent stops, a bathroom break, and a very reasonable pace. The staff was knowledgeable about the area and took us to some very scenic spots. It was much more fun than wanderinglost and grumpy on our own!!!
13 April 2022 / Nancy McCarthy

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this bike tour.
The guides began with safety tips as there are many bikers in the area and then shared their knowledge of the area as we biked through Lisse and the surrounding flower fields. This was certainly a memorable experience! Thanks so much for an enjoyable afternoon.
13 April 2022 / Margaret Veenstra

Really enjoyable bike tour around the tulip fields.
Lots of interest – not just the bulbs, but also the local church. Well worthwhile. Cycling was quite easy – I wouldn’t have minded going further!! Highly recommended!!
10 April 2022 / Helen Weir

Guides were very professional and informative.
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, the distance and pace would be within most people’s capabilities. The long stop at tulip farm was great and nice opportunity to support a local business.
9 April 2022 / Brian Blair

The bicycles were in good order
and despite the not perfect weather the instructors kept us all safe and sound, we would however have liked more information, or then more than the one opportunity we had to photograph a single field of flowers.
7 April 2022 / Frances Prozesky

I had a great time with a knowledgeable guide! Thank you for this amazing experience to see tulip fields!
6 April 2022 / P. Dobkin

Informative, friendly, excellent
31 March 2022 / Angela Steward

What a nice tour! Not too long and not too short. Comfortable bicycles. Very easy for everybody who can ride a bike.
We saw beautiful tulip fields and in between there were numerous stops for a closer look.
Next year again!
15 May 2021 / Jos /

A fantastic day! Cycling through the Dutch countryside. We visited Lisse Church with its floral stained glass windows. We were taken to a beautiful castle, where we walked around the grounds. We stopped at a great tulip show garden & garden centre where we walked around the stunning tulip fields & stopped for a break, coffee & to visit the shop. The bicycles are a very high quality & the guides are really friendly, helpful & informative. A great day out. I highly recommend this tour!
2 May 2021 / Miss Perry / Great Britain

What a nice tour! Not too long and not too short. Comfortable bicycles. Very easy for everybody who can ride a bike.
We saw beautiful tulip fields and in between there were numerous stops for a closer look.
Next year again!
15 May 2021 / Jos /

What a fun bike ride.
Not only seen the tulip fields, but also Lisse center. A must for everyone! Thank you Irene, see you next year!
1 May 2021 / Mimna / Netherlands

My name is Steve and I was on you Saturday morning bike tour. I had a very good time and I thought you both did a great job considering how many and the different skill levels of riders you had to deal with. I liked the way you both worked together. I leading the group in front and the other bringing up the rear making sure everyone is staying on the side of the road as we bike along. You made a great team. I spoke highly of the trip when I got back to Leeuwarden to my friends there. Thanks so much!
25 April 2021 / Steven / USA

Beautiful ride past Tulip and flower farms as well as visiting a catherdral and a castle. The aromas of the flowers were amazing to smell. My 8 year old son rode the whole 16km and said it was too short when we had finished the tour. As they say..time flies when you’re having fun!
17 April 2021 / Miss Wong / Netherlands

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Beautiful tour!

maart 10th, 2020|Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Beautiful tour!

We have had a lovely time with a great guide Irene how could tell us a lot about the history of Lisse and the flowers. Very good bicycle’s, easy in use and comfortable. Recommandation for everybody how wants to see the flowers in Lisse/Keukenhof! Thank you so much. Greetings Jacqueline.