When visiting the Netherlands it is not hard to see that we are known for our cheeses, windmills and … tulips. The latter makes one of the most amazing photo opportunities in Holland. Springtime is the time you should plan your visit if you want to witness this colourful event. One of the best ways of exploring the tulip fields is with a bike tour. Nothing is more pleasant than a day of cycling between the fields, camera ready and the soft light of the spring sun that brings out the colors even more beautifully. Tulips are some of the most colorful flowers so imagine what it looks like to be surrounded by whole fields of them! Would you also like to take a closer look at those bulb fields? Then read on where you do it best and set off this year!

The tulip fields of Keukenhof

Everybody has heard of Keukenhof, but the whole region around Lisse, Hillegom and Noordwijkerhout are a walhalla for those who love to see the best of the tulip fields.  The so called bulb region is situated just behind the dunes and is a dreamy place to explore. This is because it is the perfect type of ground for these bulbs to grow.

Between mid April and mid-May, it is the best time to see the tulips. This is peak season which makes that huge flocks of tourists are spending a few days in Lisse. This can make it quite hard to find good parking spaces or to enjoy driving at all. A better way is to explore the area with a bike tour. It allows you to see the fields at their best. From Lisse and Noordwijkerhout you can cycle through the tulip fields.

When to see which flowers?

Are the tulip fields in bloom already? It is one of the most frequently asked questions. Although flowering naturally depends on the weather, an annual pattern can be recognized. Below we have listed the growth periods during “average” weather conditions. You can follow the current flowering via our flowering expectations.

Each year the flowering starts around the beginning of March. Often these are not yet the flower fields but the crocuses and daffodils along the roads and in gardens. Keukenhof will open at the end of March and then the flower fields will start flowering.

The first bulb fields that bloom are the Narcissus fields. The yellow color is therefore one of the main colors in the Bollenstreek at the end of March – mid-April. The Daffodil is becoming more and more popular and the yellow fields can be beautifully photographed.

Afterwards it is the turn of the hyacinth bulb fields to color and give a scent to the bulb region from the beginning of April to the end of April. The main colors of the hyacinth flower fields are white, purple and pink. During the flowering period of the hyacinths, the bulb region is not only colorful but also rich in odor. The scent of the hyacinth can then be smelled throughout the region.

Tulip fields are the most popular flower fields in the Netherlands. The tulips bloom in the last flowering period, namely from mid-April to the beginning of May. The bright colors in red, orange, yellow, white and many combinations ensure beautiful photos. Dutch and foreign visitors love the tulip fields in bloom. However, from the beginning of May the bulb growers start to deadhead the tulip fields. Hereby they take the flower from the stem so that the energy of the flower goes back into the bulb. So make sure to plan your visit on time.