The Netherlands isn’t just a country famous for its Tulips… It also has stunning views of old castles. De Haar Castle or Muiderslot are excellent places to learn about Dutch history. But Keukenhof Castle is the most well-known (or “Kasteel Keukenhof” in Dutch). The castle is situated in Lisse. This is a little town close to Amsterdam, and is a part of the biggest flower garden in the world. 

A unique approach to tour the castle and the nearby Tulip fields is on a bicycle tour. The tour guide will take you on a leisurely bike ride through the countryside.During the tour you will stop to admire the flowerfields and learn about their history. The ride is suitable for all ages, making it a great activity for families and couples. However, you need cycling experience to join the tour! The combination of the beautiful Tulip gardens and the scenic bike ride make for an unforgettable day.


For the kitchen of Slot Teylingen, hunting took place in the Middle Ages in the wide dune strip known as ‘Keukenduyn’. Here, in seclusion, Jacoba van Beieren spent her final four years. Later, the estate’s name, ‘Keukenhof’, was derived from the name Keukenduyn.

Former United East India Company commander Adriaan Maartenzoon Block constructed a country mansion in the “Keukenduyn” in 1641. Over time, rich merchants constructed summer residences in the surrounding area. Furthermore, in the early 19th century, the aristocracy bought the Keukenhof Estate to preserve it from being destroyed. The estate was later enlarged by Jonkheer Johan Steengracht van Oost Capellen.

In the 19th century, the castle was transformed into a true castle when Cecilia (daughter of Steengracht) married Carel Anne Adriaan Baron van Pallandt. Together, they directed the construction of six towers. The gardens were then redesigned by famous garden architect J.D. Zocher and L.P. Zocher. Today, the castle is maintained by a foundation that ensures it remains preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Things to do at Keukenhof Castle

Keukenhof Castle is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and garden enthusiasts. We will tour the castle grounds and have a leisurely stroll around the gardens if the cycling tour has some time remaining. Enjoy the vibrant colors, fragrant scents, and peaceful surroundings. Be sure to take your time and stop to admire the beauty of each garden area and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

There is also the annual Castle Fest for history buffs. Castle Fest is a celebration of medieval culture and history, held at the gardens of Keukenhof Castle. This event will feature a range of medieval-themed activities, including live music, traditional cuisine, and beverages. Castle Fest is a great opportunity for history enthusiasts and families to immerse themselves in medieval culture and have fun at the same time. Don’t miss the chance to step back in time and experience the magic of Castle Fest!

How to get to the Keukenhof Castle 

The Keukenhof gardens and its castle are located in Lisse. If you’re looking for a memorable and convenient way to see the best that the Dutch Bulb Area has to offer, consider booking a cycling tour with us. With our tour, you’ll be able to visit all of the most important and iconic highlights of this region in just a few hours. Without having to worry about transportation or navigation!

In order to ensure that you see the finest that the area has to offer, our experienced tour guide will lead you through the most stunning flower fields that are now in bloom. You will be able to learn about the interesting history of the Dutch Bulb Area and its role in establishing the modern flower business thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the region and its past. 

Don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular splendor of the Keukenhof gardens and its castle in a convenient, enjoyable, and educational manner. Book a cycling tour with us today and prepare to be amazed!